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Slate Roofs

The slate roof on the restaurant on Decatur is substantially complete. We have cleanup to do and a little more stucco work, but it looks great. Slate can last forever as long as nothing impacts it. It is a finicky beast to work with and can cut you like a knife. Because we are in the French Quarter the VCC requires all flashings to be copper(you wouldn’t believe us if we told you how much it cost). Copper is a great flashing and looks amazing, but just like slate it is hard to work with. This roof had some fantastically complex bends we had to make. The VCC requires all stucco and mortar to be hand mixed to match the existing surfaces. Look at the last picture for the formula we use to mix it! Working in the French Quarter is not easy. Working to produce historically accurate products is tedious, however the views from the roof are amazing. Check out the last picture of a tanker going down river. We are proud to contribute a small piece to our most historic neighborhood!

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